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    (888) 777-0804
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    (844) 386-8578
  • SMS/800

    The 800 Service Messaging System (SMS/800) is a U.S. based organization in charge of routing and administering all toll-free numbers (800, 844, 855, 866, 888, and 877) in North America. (This includes Canada and the Caribbean, not just the U.S.) They are authorized to do so by the FCC.

    What this means is that SMS/800 is used by AT&T, Qwest Communications, and Verizon Communications (service providers which assign toll-free numbers) to verify the availability of a toll-free number, reserve it, establish a routing record for a customer, and ensure records are properly downloaded to local exchange carrier Service Control Points (SCPs) - all in order to properly handle toll-free calls. Think of SMS/800 like the back-bone of the 800 service in the same way that ICANN is the back-bone of Internet domain names.

    These service providers pay various fees to SMS/800 to keep it functioning, including per-request charges, monthly recurring charges, and non-recurring charges. For instance, let's say Verizon reserves an 800 number on behalf of a business customer of theirs like Chase Bank. Verizon must then pay 15.3 cents per month to SMS/800, as each service provider has to pay this amount for every toll free number that they actively route. While this might not seem like a lot, there are approximately 23 million toll-free numbers in service. That means AT&T, Qwest Communications, and Verizon Communications are collectively paying over 42 million dollars per year (in monthly fees) to support the infrastructure of SMS/800.

    You can check whether or not a toll-free number is currently available by using 800ForAll as well as SMS/800. This is useful if you want to have a toll-free number that spells a certain word, such as 1-800-FLOWERS.

  • WATS Lines

    Wide Area Telephone Service (WATS) was the original 800 number. Businesses would pay a high annual fee to get the line, which would handle both incoming and outgoing calls. With a WATS line, businesses could then call people in a certain area at a significantly reduced price, either on a per-call or per-minute basis. Or, they could receive calls at no cost to the caller. In 1976, WATS lines brought into AT&T a billion dollars in annual revenue.

Reported Toll-Free Spammers and Scammers

Find out about suspected toll-free scam phone calls and other nuisance calls and texts - all thanks to our active community of CallerSmart users. Run a reverse phone lookup on any toll-free phone number to see what others have reported about it as well.

Frequent Toll-Free Spam and Scam Calls


Recent Toll-Free CallerSmart User Activity

  • New feedback on (844) 386-8578 by Kobalt69: "Claiming to be from Microsoft "
  • bmdowney901 just unlocked their Scientist badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • New feedback on (866) 419-2780 by bmdowney901: "Bill Collector for many different companies. Does not stop calling even if you did not have an account with the company they think you did. Very annoying. "
  • Call from (888) 614-6020 reported as Trusted Caller by kickingassk
  • xb0xm1o45 just unlocked their Freedom Fighter badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • First caller feedback on (877) 294-7880 shared by xb0xm1o45: "WalMart Credit Card Customer Service helped me do every thing like make a payment through a phone. I highly trust this number"
  • Call from (866) 516-0115 reported as Trusted Caller by nonamugrauer
  • Call from (866) 474-5151 reported as Dead Air by thomgarcia
  • jvinhy just unlocked their Heroine badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • First caller feedback on (800) 430-0946 shared by jvinhy: "They were speaking Chinese "
  • Call from (855) 407-4936 reported as Trusted Caller by Marshallaw
  • PMajeske just unlocked their Freedom Fighter badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • First caller feedback on (866) 820-2882 shared by PMajeske: "This is a phishing scam! Caller left a message saying she was Linda Rogers calling regarding your unsecured debt.I have no unsecured debt. Plus, the caller never identified the company name. Do not be scammed!"
  • Call from (800) 368-5351 reported as Trusted Caller by cupertinotony
  • darthdraz just unlocked their Statesman badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • First caller feedback on (888) 441-9603 shared by darthdraz: "Tech Support scam that will say there are issues on your network and you have to go to their website."
  • First caller feedback on (844) 474-9959 shared by codyfitz: "Out of state moving company that called me twice but did not leave a message. Have never contacted this company."
  • melanmark just unlocked their Patriot badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • New feedback on (800) 692-7753 by melanmark: "Apparently this is Apple's real number, but it is also being used by scammers to connect you to another number. Beware."
  • Call from (844) 559-7999 reported as Trusted Caller by SuperDuper

Most Notorious Toll-Free Phone Scams

Our Hall of Shame highlights the numbers of the worst toll-free phone scammers and spammers. Below you’ll find the worst offenders according to our community of CallerSmart users when it comes to toll-free phone scams. These are the toll-free numbers with the lowest Trust Factor ratings and the most negative feedback so please beware!

  • 800-592-2000

    Tollfree Spam Texter 1 Scammer 1

    Telemarketing spam caller

    Identified as Spam Texter by Wingo at 08:50pm on 03/03/18


    Tollfree Asking For Money 1 Scammer 1

    Robo caller. We are unable to get in touch with you I would request you to kindly call us back on 1-866-216-9285 for your free computer updates thank you have a good day

    Identified as Asking For Money by oaktown1 from New York, NY
  • 855-222-6899

    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Said they were from Microsoft and if you don’t update you can no longer use your computer

    Identified as Scammer by MarthaMc from Ottawa


    Tollfree Asking For Money 1 Scammer 1

    Selling item for cheapest junky

    Identified as Asking For Money by iamsonice7 from Ashburn, VA
  • 866-322-4983

    Tollfree Dead Air 1 Scammer 1

    Called at 8:14 AM on a Sunday and did not leave a message.

    Identified as Dead Air by onemantacteam at 03:48pm on 09/23/18


    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Claiming to be from Microsoft

    Identified as Scammer by Kobalt69 at 06:57pm on 01/21/19
  • 800-304-2656

    Tollfree Scammer 2

    No message and blank line

    Identified as Scammer by MasterWard from Mckinney, TX


    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Recording saying that they are calling about a very important time-sensitive matter & can't give details on the phone, but callback immediately to 855-462-4979. But the number on caller ID said it was coming from a 972 area code.

    Identified as Scammer by sheras5 at 05:05pm on 10/10/18
  • 800-841-4141

    Tollfree Scammer 1 Dead Air 1

    This is a scammer call

    Identified as Scammer by Jose8868 at 03:35pm on 05/01/18


    Tollfree Scammer 2

    I didn't answer but my hiya app identified this number as suspected scam. 8-13-2018

    Identified as Scammer by tool4daman from Frisco, TX
  • 800-228-2020

    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Sales call for AT&T.

    Identified as Scammer by carlo60630 at 09:44pm on 10/30/18


    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Someone named named Jordan called saying our mortgage was flagged for restructuring. We have no mortgage.

    Identified as Scammer by tgbrendler from Princess Anne, MD
  • 855-517-8111

    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Microsoft, I've had Macs for years. Spammer

    Identified as Scammer by RHRyan from Downingtown, PA


    Tollfree Dead Air 2

    Nationwide called no msg left

    Identified as Dead Air by trishofcal at 11:47pm on 10/24/18
  • 855-330-5713

    Tollfree Scammer 1 Spam Texter 1

    Text Message from Mitch McConnell letting me know the Republican Party needs me to donate and they will match 4x. Let's be honest that guy doesn't know how to group text message. SCAMMER TEXT MESSAGE

    Identified as Scammer by Waterrooster at 10:57pm on 10/10/18


    Tollfree Dead Air 1 Scammer 1

    When you answer it clicks and then you hear loud background and then that hang up

    Identified as Dead Air by ahumphrey5012 from Olive Branch, MS
  • 877-542-6822

    Tollfree Dead Air 2

    I called back only to hear an automated voice prompting me to enter a PIN number that I wish to choose, followed by the #. I chose a random pin and I told me it was invalid. I just wanted to know who was calling. More than likely spam or political stuff.

    Identified as Dead Air by alyeekatt at 05:43am on 09/12/18


    Tollfree Scammer 2 Asking For Money 1

    They didn't ever leave a voicemail. When I called back they answered E-Financial I blocked them.

    Identified as Asking For Money by JuggaloRazzam at 07:54pm on 12/04/18
  • 866-844-4088

    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Robo call for Windows Key wanting you to pay money to continue using your computer. Don't think so Sparky. Blocking number now and Blessings all.

    Identified as Scammer by DD89074 from Las Vegas, NV


    Tollfree Dead Air 1 Scammer 1

    Computer asked if I was head of household then nothing

    Identified as Dead Air by freeflykat from Rio Vista, TX

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