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    (866) 376-8776
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    (866) 217-7786 from Reno, NV
  • SMS/800

    The 800 Service Messaging System (SMS/800) is a U.S. based organization in charge of routing and administering all toll-free numbers (800, 844, 855, 866, 888, and 877) in North America. (This includes Canada and the Caribbean, not just the U.S.) They are authorized to do so by the FCC.

    What this means is that SMS/800 is used by AT&T, Qwest Communications, and Verizon Communications (service providers which assign toll-free numbers) to verify the availability of a toll-free number, reserve it, establish a routing record for a customer, and ensure records are properly downloaded to local exchange carrier Service Control Points (SCPs) - all in order to properly handle toll-free calls. Think of SMS/800 like the back-bone of the 800 service in the same way that ICANN is the back-bone of Internet domain names.

    These service providers pay various fees to SMS/800 to keep it functioning, including per-request charges, monthly recurring charges, and non-recurring charges. For instance, let's say Verizon reserves an 800 number on behalf of a business customer of theirs like Chase Bank. Verizon must then pay 15.3 cents per month to SMS/800, as each service provider has to pay this amount for every toll free number that they actively route. While this might not seem like a lot, there are approximately 23 million toll-free numbers in service. That means AT&T, Qwest Communications, and Verizon Communications are collectively paying over 42 million dollars per year (in monthly fees) to support the infrastructure of SMS/800.

    You can check whether or not a toll-free number is currently available by using 800ForAll as well as SMS/800. This is useful if you want to have a toll-free number that spells a certain word, such as 1-800-FLOWERS.

  • WATS Lines

    Wide Area Telephone Service (WATS) was the original 800 number. Businesses would pay a high annual fee to get the line, which would handle both incoming and outgoing calls. With a WATS line, businesses could then call people in a certain area at a significantly reduced price, either on a per-call or per-minute basis. Or, they could receive calls at no cost to the caller. In 1976, WATS lines brought into AT&T a billion dollars in annual revenue.

Reported Toll-Free Spammers and Scammers

Find out about suspected toll-free scam phone calls and other nuisance calls and texts - all thanks to our active community of CallerSmart users. Run a reverse phone lookup on any toll-free phone number to see what others have reported about it as well.

Frequent Toll-Free Spam and Scam Calls

Most Frequent Types of Scam and Nuisance Calls 2 ASKING FOR MONEY 20 DEAD AIR 74 SCAMMER 4 SPAM TEXTER

Recent Toll-Free CallerSmart User Activity

  • Call from (866) 217-7786 reported as Scammer by sarmoh
  • First caller feedback on (866) 997-3728 shared by soccermom66: "Eversource scam . Wanted 375.00 for GPS on my electric meter or they were going to shutoff my power . Said I was delinquent for 3 months and I need to have this on my meter. "
  • First caller feedback on (888) 408-0800 shared by pauly69: "Called a few times over the past month. "
  • pauly69 just unlocked their Caregiver badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • First caller feedback on (844) 373-4961 shared by tjsepe: "PayPal credit customer service"
  • tjsepe just unlocked their Pharaoh badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • New feedback on (800) 275-2273 by Benjg011: "Caller left no message. Many have reported this number as SCAM. "
  • New feedback on (877) 366-0169 by cnbrannan: "spam caller please block asap"
  • Call from (800) 955-6600 reported as Debt Collector by viper_99737
  • First caller feedback on (855) 804-6004 shared by Baes2: "Spam texter regarding taxes. "
  • Baes2 just unlocked their Wordsmith badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • First caller feedback on (855) 785-0809 shared by Baes2: "Spam texter regarding taxes. "
  • Baes2 just unlocked their Freedom Fighter badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • First caller feedback on (866) 487-5926 shared by aterrell312: "Robocaller ignoring do not call registration. Fails to leave message. Labeled as a potential spammer by AT&T."
  • First caller feedback on (866) 489-1252 shared by aterrell312: "Robocaller ignoring do not call registration. Does not leave message. Dead air on call back. Labeled by AT&T as a potential spammer."
  • First caller feedback on (800) 982-7151 shared by ktaylor007: "Computer services company refund money but I never had computer services "
  • Call from (800) 676-8699 reported as Trusted Caller by dboyle52
  • Call from (800) 303-9609 reported as Spam Texter by mualzuabi
  • Call from (800) 343-8282 reported as Trusted Caller by NandoElEnano
  • First caller feedback on (800) 966-6974 shared by Love2007: "Didn't answer, but they left a message stating there will be a lawsuit filed under my name if I don't speak with a Social Security Officer. Don't trust it! "

Most Notorious Toll-Free Phone Scams

Our Hall of Shame highlights the numbers of the worst toll-free phone scammers and spammers. Below you’ll find the worst offenders according to our community of CallerSmart users when it comes to toll-free phone scams. These are the toll-free numbers with the lowest Trust Factor ratings and the most negative feedback so please beware!

  • 800-695-6179

    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Caller states they're from SSA and there has been fraudulent activity on your SSN. Don't even answer. This is a total SCAM!

    Identified as Scammer by chrisfriedrich at 11:07pm on 09/02/19


    Tollfree Scammer 2

    your Medicare supplement insurance recent changes to state approved plans may help you save an average of $621 per year on your _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ discuss your options please give me a call at 888-868-6816 and see how we can help you save again my number is 888-868-6816 thanks… Called back and gave a company name. Only that they were Medicare Supplement Group. Would not provide real company name or address. Wanted personal information. Then they hung up.

    Identified as Scammer by DaleCE at 03:56pm on 07/19/19
  • 800-436-7734

    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Claims to be from PSEG Customer Service but is actually a scammer

    Identified as Scammer by Cowpoke20 at 07:41pm on 08/21/19


    Tollfree Debt Collector 1 Scammer 1

    This is a debt collector. They use several different phone numbers and area codes.

    Identified as Debt Collector by carlo60630 from Chicago, IL
  • 888-212-7601

    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Telemarketer that leaves no voicemail and if called back it is dead air. Scammer for sure.

    Identified as Scammer by wickedwanda55 at 04:11pm on 07/29/19


    Tollfree Scammer 3 Trusted Caller 3

    Robo-voice that cut out telling me I was in legal trouble.

    Identified as Scammer by katywiest at 09:49pm on 11/30/18
  • 844-202-6925

    Tollfree Dead Air 2

    Not in my contacts & left no message

    Identified as Dead Air by lynns3868 from Pompano Beach, FL


    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Linda Wilson regarding student loans with a reference number that's the same as everyone else's on the internet

    Identified as Scammer by bobbiejewell1 at 12:42am on 05/23/19
  • 888-600-0742

    Tollfree Scammer 1 Dead Air 1

    Arrest/Warrant scam

    Identified as Scammer by cwolfe1130 from League City, TX


    Tollfree Scammer 2

    No message left. Must not be a true number.

    Identified as Scammer by frinakat from Lexington, KY
  • 888-810-0615

    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Social security number scammers

    Identified as Scammer by steverr from Oakland, CA


    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Calling about federal student loan repayment options

    Identified as Scammer by dancns4me at 12:31pm on 08/20/19
  • 800-900-1367

    Tollfree Dead Air 1 Scammer 1

    Dead air. Does not leave a message

    Identified as Dead Air by yonkerskid from Owensboro, KY


    Tollfree Debt Collector 2

    Call comes from Nationwide area compAny us Portfolio Recovery.

    Identified as Debt Collector by bassamtheman from Ottawa
  • 866-285-0669

    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Something about a compliment and reporting to the police

    Identified as Scammer by 228squirt at 04:57am on 07/01/19


    Tollfree Dead Air 1 Scammer 1

    No Body answers you when you start talking, could be scammer

    Identified as Dead Air by mrsdinkyd2009 at 04:32pm on 04/18/14
  • 877-365-9673

    Tollfree Debt Collector 1 Scammer 1

    Scammer debt collector asking for another person!?! Money owed

    Identified as Debt Collector by batty4mickey at 04:59pm on 06/30/19


    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Robocaller. Bogus Social Security Administration scam call. Phishing for personal data and information. Block this number.

    Identified as Scammer by aterrell312 from Norwalk, CT
  • 855-663-9489

    Tollfree Scammer 2

    Call of a female voice recording saying they "installed security software on our computer a few weeks ago and now we are receiving a red flag on one of the websites you have visited. Please call 855-663-9489 to fix the problem"...only 'red flag' I got was this was a phishing scam. Don't answer this call!!!

    Identified as Scammer by Vmpyrchik from Naples, FL


    Tollfree Dead Air 1 Scammer 1

    Robo caller no message left

    Identified as Dead Air by ktaylor007 from Nashua, NH

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    • (800) 419-2389
    • (844) 957-3957

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If you've been the victim of a toll-free phone scam or fraud, then be sure to file a complaint with the appropriate authorities.