Ahoy! Welcome to CallerSmart

^ That's how Alexander Graham Bell wanted callers to greet one another

Our talented CallerSmart team hails from multiple countries across 3 different continents.  What's brought us together is a desire to modernize the U.S. phone book, whether it wanted to be or not!

We set out to revolutionize the static U.S. phone book by making it fun to collaborate on keeping one community version up-to-date for everyone.

A new phone book that rewards you for helping others know who is behind an unrecognized number.  One that allows you to easily warn others about unwanted debt collectors, spammers, scams, cheaters, and other unsavory characters.  And one that helps you avoid such characters yourself.

To do this, we had to make it fun.  That's why we introduced game elements, which reward those who contribute the most with free prizes and cool Smart Badges.

Meet Our Crew

We're a merry band of pirates



Brian is the brains behind CallerSmart as well as the head of marketing. He loves green tea ice cream.


Head of Personnel

Maciej leads our personnel group. He loves vanilla ice cream with a few slices of banana topped with a bit of chocolate & whipped cream (sweet tooth!).


Head of Engineering

Mariusz leads our iOS team and is the sprocket tying together many different spokes in the CallerSmart wheel. He loves vanilla ice cream.


Lead Writer

George is the lead writer and resident expert at identifying new phone scams at CallerSmart. His favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey. 


iOS Engineer

Volodymyr does everything with a smile, including making our iOS app even more awesome!  He's our newest iOS engineer and loves his own home brew of cherry, strawberry, and raspberry ice cream all mixed together and covered in chocolate.


Marketing Manager

Alex is our talented Marketing Manager. His favorite ice cream treat is the Cookie Casanova Sundae by Andy's Frozen Custard.


Senior Software Engineer

Roman is our fantastic Senior Software Engineer. Roman's favorite ice cream is cornflower-flavored ice cream, the blue ice cream is a Belarusian specialty!


Product Marketing Manager

Katie is our Operations Manager and is responsible for our marketing and community management. She’s also an expert at identifying new phone scams. From Massachusetts, Katie loves Emack and Bolio’s Cosmic Crunch ice cream.



Jordan writes the witty prose that ensures our Smart Badges live up to their name.  He makes history fun (no easy feat!) and loves chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Council of Elders