Tinder Dating Scams: How to Avoid Tinder Users Already in a Relationship

Katie Jul 14

A recent study found that 12% of Tinder users stated that they were in a relationship and a whopping 30% of users stated that they were married! The study conducted by GlobalWebIndex found that another 1% stated their status as "other" which could mean a whole mess of complicated scenarios. That adds up to 43% of Tinder users being in a relationship in one form or another. Only 54% of users responded saying that they were single and if you're a little cynical like us, you know that even that might not be the truth! 

The Data

The Demographics of Tinder Users - GlobalWebIndex

The study went on to show that around 70% of Tinder users had also visited other dating sites in the past month, so there could be a chance that cool guy you've been chatting to on OKCupid is married, or that awesome Plenty of Fish girl has got a BF. 

Tinder Users Visiting Online Dating Sites - GlobalWebIndex

How to Identify the Duds

This poses singles using dating sites and apps with a major problem: How to find out if that new guy or girl you've been chatting with already has a SO. One way we've been keeping a lookout for potential non-singles in our digital dating adventure is by using CallerSmart's caller ID app to search the phone numbers of the people we meet. CallerSmart is designed to allow its users to comment and identify unknown callers. Many are using this commenting feature to warn others about the heartbreakers that are out there.

This is my boyfriends number and his real name is Jason. He calls and texts other women behind my back. He will soon be single like in an hour! Good luck to all the other women out there!

CallerSmart's user comments give you the info you need before deciding whether or not to meet up with the person IRL. We all know the pitfalls of Googling someone and going down that black hole.

Using Feedback to Avoid Tinder Dating Scams

User feedback is designed to be short and to the point, like this one: 

Fake pictures, fake profile. Don't trust.

The user comments will help you identify whether or not the person you are planning to go on a date with is really worth your time. Once you start using the app you can start adding to the comments with any not so pleasant dating experiences you've had and warning others about potential creeps.

To all the single ladies (and men too!) there is hope as not all of the comments are negative!

nice guy! kinda cute too :) i'd pick up if he called!

In a matter of seconds you'll be able to find out if the person you've been matched with is really a good catch or just another dud. With the our iPhone reverse phone lookup app you can also start posting your own comments about the numbers of the good, the bad, and the ugly in your dating life. If you don't have an iPhone you can always run a phone number trace on our website and leave your feedback too!

PS: If you've already gone on some dates and experienced the bad and the ugly, and they won't stop calling and messaging you, you can learn how to block annoying calls and block unwanted texts via Callersmart's site or app.