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Alpha Leak: Why We're Offering Our Smart Badges As NFTs



13 Oct 2021

The FloorerDoes this sound like you, anon?

In Discord, you're an NFT maxi, muttering to yourself "looks rare" when you see some generative art that makes your lil degen eyeballs water.

You mint the max on several wallets to elbow in on your favorite drops.  

IRL, you own a cell phone.

And you get calls and texts from numbers you don't recognize or want to hear from.

If so, then keep reading.  If not, then NGMI.

To kick us off, how about a quick intro explaining what in the world we're doing mucking about with NFTs when, after all, we're primarily an iOS software company?

Sure thing, fren - let's start at the beginning.

Back in 2015, we built a game - one chock-full of prizes and cartoon badges - on top of the phone book to incentivize iPhone users to keep it up-to-date for everyone.  IOW, we gamified it.

Strange enough, it worked.

Our caller ID app got loads of good reviews and millions of people kept coming back, making both our iOS app and our website insanely popular.  (The same website you're on right now, in fact.)

The normie press recognized us for our efforts.  Huffington Post, Mashable, Inc., and many others featured us, and BuzzFeed nicknamed our app “turnt up caller ID” in their “11 Things To Do Before You Start Dating Online” article.

Part of our secret sauce to gamifying the phone book has been the unlocking of fun, custom-built Smart Badges.  

These Smart Badges are what our users are awarded as they compete to keep our phone book up-to-date for all. 

The bios for these Smart Badges are supposed to be fun (and funny), written by our resident in-house historian Jordan.

When we first built these Smart Badges, NFTs weren't a thing. 

ERC-721 contracts were just a flicker somewhere deep in the recesses of Vitalik's gigabrain. 

CryptoKitties, let alone CryptoPunks or Ether Rocks, weren't even on the blockchain.  So we didn't know what we didn't know.

The NFTooorNow times have changed.

NFTs as a collectible are creating an entire new world of crypto art.

NFTs as a technology are revolutioning the blockchain, pushing Etherium forward (high gas prices be damned) and inspiring L2s, sidechains, roll-ups, and more.

And so we wanted to release our Smart Badges as NFTs in order to get in on the fun.

This is a collection you don't wanna miss out on, ser.

It is truly limited edition because these Smart Badges are a core part of our long-standing iOS app.

They're baked into our game mechanics.

And we'd piss off a lot of our users if we started messing with their Smart Badges. 

To make things better for our community, we paid to properly mint our Smart Badges as full ERC-721 contracts with Rarible. 

And then we listed them on OpenSea - this way you don't have to pay insane gas fees to get one.

Doing so is a testament to our commitment here: We're selling our Smart Badges as crypto art in order to raise funds for our team, which will allow us to build out our ecosystem and deliver max value to our NFT hodlers.

Hit us up on Twitter or Discord if you've got any questions. 

And as always, LFG.


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