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Copy & Paste Numbers: How to Copy & Paste Numbers on Your iPhone



21 Oct 2016

If you've received a call or text from an unknown number you might want to run a reverse phone lookup on it to see if it's someone you know, or a possible scammer. It's simple to copy and paste numbers on your iPhone so that you can search them in CallerSmart's phone number tracing app. We've created a helpful guide to show you step-by-step how to copy and paste unknown numbers and find out who's behind a mysterious call or text. 

Step 1

Tap your iPhone's green Phone icon. 

Copy Numbers Step 1

Step 2

Tap the "i" next to the number you wish to copy. This will bring you to the details of the call. 

Copy Number Step 2

Step 3

Tap and hold down on the number. 

Copy Number Step 3

Step 4

A "Copy" button will appear over the number that you are pressing on. Stop pressing on the number and tap the "Copy" button that appeared. 

Copy Number Step 4

Following these four steps will allow you to copy the number. You can then trace the number in CallerSmart's reverse phone lookup app for iphone. 

It's simple to search a copied number in CallerSmart. In just three steps you can access any available listings and user feedback that is associated with the number in our database. 

Step 1

Open the CallerSmart app. 

Copy Number Step 5

Step 2

Tap the search bar that appears at the top of the home screen. 

Copy Number Step 6

Step 3

Tap and hold the search bar until the option to "Paste" appears. Stop pressing on the search bar and tap "Paste" and then the "Search" option that appears in the top right hand corner.

Copy Number Step 7

In just a few quick steps you can see whether or not that mystery call is a friend's number you've lost, or an IRS scammer. CallerSmart's free white pages lookup app for iPhone is easy to use, and if you don't have an iPhone you can still access our full community phone book and see user feedback on our website. 

If you find that the number is being used by a scammer, a robocaller, or it's someone that you don't wish to speak with any longer, you can learn how to block callers and how to block texts on your iPhone with our other helpful guides. 

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