Block Calls: How to Easily Block Unwanted Calls on Your iPhone

George Jun 26

Whether we admit it or not, the majority of us are very attached to our smart phones. A 2014 study reported that the average American spends almost 3 HOURS PER DAY on their mobile device!! If you're anything like us, you know that shocking figure is true based on the countless amounts of time spent looking at what's the latest on Facebook, swiping through a dating app, or checking your multiple email accounts.

We spend a lot of time with our phones, so what happens when we start to getting unwanted or harassing calls? Luckily, we can block these callers in just a few easy steps!

Step 1

Tap on your iPhone's green Phone icon.

Block Calls Step 1

Step 2

Next to the number that you want to block tap "i". Be sure that you are on the "Recents" screen.

Block Calls Step 2

Step 3

The "i" will bring you to the info screen, once there scroll down until you see the option "Block this Caller" and tap on it.

Block Calls Step 3 Part 1Block Call Step 3 Part 2

Step 4

The option to block the contact will appear. Tap "Block Contact."

Block Calls Step 4

Just like that you can get rid of any unwanted callers. The next time you repeatedly get calls from a scamming robocaller, an annoying ex who can't take a hint, or a debt collector, you don't have to go and change your number. Simply follow the instructions and your phone will no longer ring when a blocked number calls. Instead, this call will be forwarded to voicemail and you will not be alerted the next time this number calls you.

It's also very simple to block texts on your iPhone and manage blocked contacts. CallerSmart provides an easy way to look up unknown numbers and warn others about annoying callers as well as in app instructions on how to block callers and put yourself on the FTC Do Not Call list. Our reverse phone lookup + caller ID app can be downloaded for free from the App Store for your iPhone.