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Top Reasons to Love CallerSmart This Valentine's Day



12 Feb 2016

It's Valentine's Day and whether you're single, in a relationship, married, or other, CallerSmart is here for you to help you get through it. Here are the top reasons to love CallerSmart this holiday.Sending Love on Valentine's Day

Reason #1: Single and Ready to Mingle? CallerSmart Has You Covered

Dating can be a lot of fun, it can also be terrible. Here at CallerSmart, we want to make it a little easier to filter out the duds from the diamonds. Maybe after an evening out with friends, or swiping right, you find yourself in a conversation with someone you've exchanged numbers with. They seem nice and you have lots of interests to talk about, so you decide to take the next step: a date.

Before you meet up with the person it's smart to do a little digging, whether it's checking their Facebook or Instagram, or even running a search on their phone number. We have millions of U.S. phone numbers and our users provide great feedback. We're not saying you have to run a background check or anything on your date, but if you wanted to we could help you out.

Reason #2: We Protect You From Bogus Romantic Gifts

Thinking about gifting your better half that free cruise to the Bahamas you were called about last week? Don't do it! It's one of those too-good-to-be-true scams. Anytime you get a call like this check it with a reverse phone tracer app, like CallerSmart. And while most people won't fall for a call like this you can still leave your feedback to warn others about these phony offers.

Also with those free vacation offers never press another button to be taken off of their call list. Instead hang up, report them to the FTC and get yourself on the Do Not Call List, if you're not already on it. Pressing buttons with those automated calls will only result in more annoying spam and scam calls coming your way.

Reason #3: Do You Feel Like You’re Being Cheated On?

We don't condone going through your significant other's phone, but if you have doubts you can use CallerSmart to help you figure out if they are grounded. Maybe your partner's been overly secretive lately and taking a lot of phone calls privately. You can trace the phone number that's calling to make sure that it really is just work.

Reason #4: Are You Being Catfished?

Maybe this is your first time trying out online dating and you've recently met someone who is perfect in every aspect. They have an amazing personality, are drop dead gorgeous, and most importantly they listen. However, there is a hitch, you've never met them in person. You talk via text and calls but when it comes to actually meeting in person they always balk at the chance.

If you're experiencing this situation you can get to the bottom of it without going on that MTV show. By running a number trace on the person you've been slowly falling in love with you can find out if they are who they really say they are and avoid online dating scams. Even celebrities get catfished, in the digital age, it's not out of the ordinary.

Reason #5: We Dislike Romance Scammers

With the rise of online dating has come the rise of romance scammers. They are like catfish, but they steal your money. Oftentimes they are foreigners posing as oil rig technicians, deployed soldiers, and a wide array of other professionals. They all have four things in common:

  1. They are quick to profess their love for you.
  2. They use stolen photos to make their profiles.
  3. They can't meet you in person because they are overseas.
  4. They need you to wire (or launder) excessive amounts of cash for them.

These romance scammers are lurking on even the most reputable of dating sites, and though their sweet words might give you butterflies, be wary. Romance fraud cost Americans over $82 million just in the tail end of 2014. You can protect yourself by running a phone number search in CallerSmart's community phone book on the number you received from your online paramour, especially if they exhibit any of the four qualities listed above.

Show scammers no love by downloading CallerSmart's caller ID app for iPhone and leave your feedback to warn others. If you don't have an iPhone you can still trace phone numbers on our website and leave your feedback to help others. 

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