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Investigate mystery phone numbers and avoid unwanted calls and texts.

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Defend Your Privacy: Stay Informed With Caller ID Lookup


Find out who's calling or texting you

Have a missed call or text from an unknown phone number? We make it fast and easy to trace a number right from your smartphone. Simply type the number into our free reverse phone lookup search bar.

Then review information on who's calling from where, alongside Trust Factor ratings and feedback from our user-driven community.


Stop unwanted calls and texts

Annoyed by a persistent telemarketer, prankster or Tinder date gone wrong? We'll help you take back the privacy of your phone number. Follow our step-by-step guides to block offending numbers permanently. Add your number to the National Do Not Call registry and easily file official complaints with the FTC.

To help protect other users against the same spammers and scammers, also leave useful feedback on untrustworthy phone numbers in the community phone book!

Most Dangerous Spam and Scam Numbers

You can find more information about reported spam and scam numbers in your area by visiting the Hall of Shame for your state or city.

Prank caller stop calling

Denver18 from Aurora, CO

Trusted Caller
Spam Texter
Asking For Money
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Called about childhood immunizations, asked if there are any children between 6 and 17 in the house

sl_vincent35 from Moss Point, MS

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Scammer Ron Townsend found on Cashapp Scammer Ron Townsend found on Cashapp

jimmc66 from Chicago, IL

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Person calling from/using this number turned out to be, from my experiences and interactions,with them, to be a liar, scammer and thief.of the most basic kind; recommend avoidance.

waterguy15 from New York, NY

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Person texting from/using this number turned out to be, in my interactions and experiences with them, a liar, thief, and scammer; recommend avoidance

waterguy15 from New York, NY

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Person texting from/using this number turned out to be from my own experiences and interactions, a liar, thief, and scammer. Recommend avoidance.

waterguy15 from New York, NY

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Join the fight and earn rewards

Your input helps drive our user community's efforts against mystery and risky callers. That's why you'll earn Caller I.Q. points towards rewards when you identify unknown callers and leave useful feedback following a reverse phone number lookup.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Our App

Unlock a new level of efficiency with our app finding essential information about any phone number. Enjoy the convenience of instant access to comprehensive details, allowing you to effortlessly discover the information you need.

Discover a user-friendly interface designed to provide quick and accurate information about any desired phone number.

Make your Caller ID lookup faster and easier.

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