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How to Filter Unknown or Unwanted Texters From Your iMessages



14 Jul 2015

Did you know that you separate iMessages from people not in your contacts and not be notified about it? You can, and it's really easy! You might be wondering why you would want to do this and there are probably a couple reasons. Maybe you've just gone through a break up, and you want your ex out of sight and out of mind. The first thing you might think to do is block them, but when you block them you'll never see any of the iMessages that they send your way. Maybe you might be waiting on an apology from them, that "Sorry you were right. I don't deserve someone as good as you." validation that you've been waiting for since you ended things.

Instead of blocking them just delete them from your contacts, and the next time they text you, after you follow these easy steps, the message will go to a separate folder to be looked at at a later time or forever to be forgotten. Your choice!

Step 1

Tap on Settings.

How to filter iMessages Step 1

Step 2

Scroll down and tap on Messages.

How to filter iMessages Step 2

Step 3

Scroll down and slide on the Filter Unknown Senders feature.

How to filter iMessages Step 3

Voilà! Now when you enter your Messages from the home screen iMessages (from unknown contacts) will go into an Unknown Senders folder.

How to filter iMessages Step 4

Now you are free from getting notified when strangers or acquaintances you don't want to talk to send you an iMessage. So whether it be an ex that your looking to ignore for the moment (but...maybe keep in touch with down the line), or a friend whose really pushed your buttons and you don't want to talk to until you've cooled down, you can temporarily delete them and save those iMessages for another day.

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