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Alabama Phone Book Details

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Top Alabama CallerSmart Users

Reported Spammers and Scammers in Alabama

Find out about suspected Alabama scam phone calls and other nuisance calls and texts - all thanks to our active community of CallerSmart users. Run a reverse phone lookup on any Alabama phone number to see what others have reported about it as well.

Frequent Alabama Spam and Scam Calls


Recent Alabama CallerSmart User Activity

  • New feedback on (205) 827-0566 by ben.clobes: "Pretends to be from the department of the interior, customs and border patrol all in one agency looking for money it's a scam"
  • First caller feedback on (251) 286-6686 shared by rlerotton: "If a business has 700 different numbers they can call you from they have got to be a shady business. Trying to separate you from your hard earned money. Legal or illegal? Depends on if they get caught I guess."
  • First caller feedback on (659) 235-0404 shared by rlerotton: "Selling gently used vibrators and rubber dongs. Found them in the dumpster behind a sex addiction clinic. Great prices."
  • First caller feedback on (251) 272-7278 shared by rlerotton: "One of many numbers these scammers call from asking for donations for first responders. Never say you'll donate. You get transferred to a different number that gets all your credit/debit card information. Next come all the unauthorized transactions nationwide."
  • First caller feedback on (205) 614-0562 shared by michael747777: "This person is a scammer do not answer any calls or text from this number"
  • michael747777 just unlocked their Statesman badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • First caller feedback on (256) 977-0700 shared by rlerotton: "Annoying pieces of steaming rhino dung. Do not agree to donate to these liars pretending to be taking up money for first responders. I've already told them no and blocked 75 different numbers. They just keep calling from other numbers."
  • First caller feedback on (251) 297-2315 shared by rlerotton: "One of the thousands of numbers calling claiming to be taking up money for some variation of first responders. Don't donate by phone. Your credit card information gets stolen."
  • New feedback on (256) 424-7061 by theoceanofmilk: "Another anonymous caller leaving no message."
  • New feedback on (205) 408-1231 by Samuel.d.weinberg: "Unsolicited text. Looks like spam or phishing."
  • New feedback on (251) 604-7669 by Molly.BOYNE1279: "Not sure how they got my number."
  • New feedback on (205) 498-5959 by Kevin.carey.71465: "No sound dead air caller so be aware"
  • New feedback on (251) 286-6661 by CATHRIN.WIRTZ: "Silence then hang out"
  • New feedback on (256) 527-9853 by caryanne.cochran: "Doesn't say anything after you pick up the line."
  • New feedback on (205) 334-3918 by alainapercival2: "Spam caller. Just randomly called don't know this person."
  • First caller feedback on (205) 840-7152 shared by rlerotton: "Constantly calling from different numbers. I donated by credit card once and wouldn't you know it my credit card information was stolen. Never again. I'll send a check if I want to donate. "
  • First caller feedback on (205) 494-7990 shared by rlerotton: "Trying to raise money for breast augmentation. It seems the back alley doctor put them in on her back instead of her chest."
  • First caller feedback on (205) 334-3998 shared by rlerotton: "Trying to get funding for surgery for his ED. "
  • First caller feedback on (659) 216-0995 shared by rlerotton: "Stupid robocaller. Sick of blocking 6 a day and getting 6 new ones the next day."
  • First caller feedback on (205) 202-3170 shared by rlerotton: "Speaks broken English very poorly with a heavy foreign accent. Says he was calling from some pharmacy I've never heard of. Can't understand you, some pharmacy I don't know. Buh bye."

Most Notorious Alabama Phone Scams

Our Hall of Shame highlights the numbers of the worst phone scammers and spammers from Alabama. Below you’ll find the worst offenders according to our community of CallerSmart users when it comes to Alabama phone scams. These are the Alabama numbers with the lowest Trust Factor ratings and the most negative feedback so please beware!

  • 256-829-2626

    Landline Cheater 1

    Scammer on website! Scam Money

    Identified as Cheater by nck0391 from Laurel, MD


    Landline Scammer 1

    Trying to sell me Medicare until I say great I can get Medicare at 26 years old? Then they hang up on me.

    Identified as Scammer by rlerotton at 06:10pm on 05/27/23
  • 659-204-1633

    Asking For Money 1

    Call themselves the Fund Raising Center. 9,000 different numbers. Block one they call from another. Always different area odes and numbers.

    Identified as Asking For Money by rlerotton from Birmingham, AL


    Wireless Asking For Money 1

    Automated call center for donations and charities.

    Identified as Asking For Money by rlerotton from Charlotte, NC
  • 251-347-5012

    Asking For Money 1

    Calls and when I answered an electronic message came on thanking me for calling them. Some kind of charity or donation call center.

    Identified as Asking For Money by rlerotton from Charlotte, NC


    Spam Texter 1

    They text a message that you have been a customer for X amount of years and they want to send you something to you. But when you click on the link your phone will start sending error messages and Google will tell you that your passwords have been breached and that you need to change them. and suggest that you change them all. I was told by a friend that had I changed them instead of first backing up and then clearing my phone, that every password I changed would have gone straight to the hacker!

    Identified as Spam Texter by Marvin p at 09:27pm on 01/18/23
  • 205-892-6739

    Scammer 1

    Automated voice with a fake English (think London, England) accent. Calling about open enrollment for Medicare.

    Identified as Scammer by rlerotton from Charlotte, NC


    Wireless Spam Texter 1

    I'm guessing this person is named Angie. They sent me a text that only said This Angie.I guess I'll take them at their word.

    Identified as Spam Texter by rlerotton from Chicago, IL
  • 334-676-9227

    Landline Spam Texter 1

    Connected to Spam Risk

    Identified as Spam Texter by JoeJoe3 at 07:27pm on 01/20/23


    Landline Scammer 1

    Call us a recorded message starts out saying thank g oh d UOU called me back right away this is Jessica Hathaway from advisory services and we can erase your debt for unpaid taxes Dr bills etc. just a big scan gives you prompts press 1 for this 2 for this etc. another big scammer at work. Phone rings 1 & 1/2 rings goes right to a recorded voice message. Received 2 calls mar 1 one from excel Al then Fitchburg Ma both same recorded message the received call at 234 AM mar 2 2023 same recording same number b

    Identified as Scammer by bassamtheman from Freeland, MI
  • 256-666-9921

    Scammer 1

    FCC Complaint: Prerecorded Voice

    Identified as Scammer by Web User at 02:47pm on 02/20/23


    Wireless Dead Air 1

    They spam called me multiple times

    Identified as Dead Air by 8yp99h2gcc from Birmingham, AL
  • 659-213-9625

    Spam Texter 1

    FCC Complaint: Text Message

    Identified as Spam Texter by Web User at 02:31pm on 01/30/23


    Scammer 1

    Peter Puller's Prestigious Peter Pulling Emporium. If it's not a Peter Puller peter it's probably pitiful.

    Identified as Scammer by rlerotton from Charlotte, NC
  • 205-286-2438

    Landline Spam Texter 1

    Robocall GM recall service

    Identified as Spam Texter by greglynx from Los Angeles, CA


    Wireless Scammer 1

    Definitely a scammer

    Identified as Scammer by 57pwxcktcd from Beaumont, CA
  • 251-278-0051

    Scammer 1

    FCC Complaint: Prerecorded Voice

    Identified as Scammer by Web User at 06:13pm on 03/27/23


    Wireless Scammer 1

    Tried to buy services with stolen card

    Identified as Scammer by ctctct from Norwalk, CT
  • 334-314-9046

    Wireless Cheater 1

    Cheater slobhe's married and runs around on his wife

    Identified as Cheater by vanilla50-11 from Northport, AL


    Wireless Spam Texter 1

    Claiming to be with cdc wanting to come to my home. Started studdering when I asked why. Very suspicious.

    Identified as Spam Texter by cornbreadb1 at 02:52am on 02/08/23

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