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Find out about suspected scam phone calls and other nuisance calls and texts that are coming from area code 202 - all thanks to our active community of CallerSmart users. Run a reverse phone lookup on any phone number starting with 202 to see what others have reported about it as well.

Frequent Area Code 202 Spam and Scam Calls


Recent Area Code 202 CallerSmart User Activity

  • Call from (202) 320-8722 reported as Cheater by eshakhajiali
  • Call from (202) 780-5728 reported as Scammer by xyz234
  • Call from (202) 367-9813 reported as Trusted Caller by brandonccu08
  • First caller feedback on (202) 895-5214 shared by dadmartin: "This is the 15th time I received a call from this number, the state that I have one man thousand dollars from the government. Government doesn't give money to anybody what kind of idiots did I think we are"
  • dadmartin just unlocked their Freedom Fighter badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • Call from (202) 681-4273 reported as Trusted Caller by bmbmorgan68
  • Call from (202) 840-8083 reported as Trusted Caller by roses2
  • First caller feedback on (202) 853-2683 shared by Dayante: "To many lies she is completely disrespectful lady and she is never going to change"
  • Dayante just unlocked their Communicator badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • First caller feedback on (202) 866-7122 shared by freeflykat: "Robocall of a computer message saying the IRS is going to file charges against you and to call them. They never say a name and the IRS will never ever call you. Total scam"
  • First caller feedback on (202) 722-9292 shared by JookyJunk1: "Remove this number from your database it is not associated with the name listed."
  • JookyJunk1 just unlocked their Communicator badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • Call from (202) 631-3378 reported as Cheater by rowena83
  • First caller feedback on (202) 697-9004 shared by Bigd4me2: "Fraudulent automated call posing as IRS Criminal Investigator. "
  • Bigd4me2 just unlocked their Wordsmith badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • First caller feedback on (202) 470-3468 shared by Bigd4me2: "Fraudulent automated call posing as an IRS Criminal Investigator. "
  • Bigd4me2 just unlocked their Freedom Fighter badge because their Caller I.Q. score increased - congrats!
  • Call from (202) 795-3526 reported as Scammer by yerrafi
  • Call from (202) 546-9586 reported as Scammer by dlosch8
  • Call from (202) 754-0000 reported as Trusted Caller by dlosch8

Most Notorious Area Code 202 Phone Scams

Our Hall of Shame highlights the numbers of the worst phone scammers and spammers from area code 202. Below you’ll find the worst offenders according to our community of CallerSmart users when it comes to area code 202 phone scams. These are phone numbers starting with 202 which have the lowest Trust Factor ratings and the most negative feedback so please beware!

  • 202-754-9232

    Wireless Dead Air 4 Scammer 2

    Dead air hang up. No voice

    Identified as Dead Air by Rath91 from Los Angeles, CA


    Wireless Scammer 3

    These people use the appearance of the name of EN DEV FND (environmental defense fund) organization in Washington, complete with a fake area code to make it look like a real phone number! They are taking advantage of the recent tragedy in California and the news about it to prey on our good hearts by using the name of a good organization who people would normally want to donate to. They also change the number ever so slightly so if you block the number one of their other versions is sure to make it through

    Identified as Scammer by motskrats from Dallas, TX
  • 202-499-7443

    Wireless Dead Air 1 Spam Texter 1

    Telemarketers and debt collectors

    Identified as Scammer by ali_rae1021 from Plymouth, MI


    Wireless Scammer 2 Cheater 1

    Scammer saying IRS is suing. Don't call back.

    Identified as Scammer by Madartist from Naples, FL
  • 202-870-5891

    Wireless Asking For Money 2 Scammer 1

    Is a debt collection agency

    Identified as Asking For Money by JakeFromStateFarm from Boston, MA


    Landline Dead Air 1 Scammer 1

    Scammer calling about a free vacation.

    Identified as Scammer by RandomJim at 10:26pm on 12/02/16
  • 202-754-8368

    Wireless Scammer 3

    Claim as US Treasure Dept. At least 3 persons I talked to.

    Identified as Scammer by tqthach from Mcminnville, OR


    Landline Scammer 1 Prankster 1

    I'm always leery when an unknown doesn't leave a message

    Identified as Asking For Money by jaiden from Minneapolis, MN
  • 202-246-1001

    Wireless Dead Air 1 Prankster 1

    # shows naval base? They called telling me I was 1 of so many randomly chosen to receive a government grant that did not have to be paid back....yeah okay. They gave me a grant confirmation # & phone # & said for me to call to claim my grant. Hum sounds crazy. Did not call.

    Identified as Prankster by united from Wichita Falls, TX


    Wireless Scammer 2 Trusted Caller 1

    Other phone app reports this number as scam from Washington D.C.

    Identified as Scammer by tbone347 at 06:03pm on 05/25/16
  • 202-400-5606

    Wireless Scammer 2

    Ask to send money .. Scam

    Identified as Scammer by ngechin1993 at 06:59am on 09/25/16


    Wireless Scammer 2

    Couldn't understand much of what he was saying other then he was with the "IRS" and I owed lots of money that I could pay with an iTunes gift card. When you call the number back, it says "Sorry, but your call cannot be completed" and then hangs up on you.

    Identified as Scammer by bdray4 from Ottawa
  • 202-568-5743

    Wireless Dead Air 1 Scammer 1

    Automated calling machine. I answered and no one said anything then a person came on with a thick accent saying my loan was approved. I hung up.

    Identified as Scammer by carltorrence from Fresno, CA


    Scammer 2

    Google scam. They call over and over

    Identified as Scammer by delucag at 05:40pm on 06/13/16
  • 202-681-8226

    Landline Scammer 2

    This is a scammer call for money

    Identified as Scammer by Jose8868 from Manvel, TX


    Landline Scammer 2

    Scammmmm big time don't answer

    Identified as Scammer by gonkim3 at 04:10pm on 05/12/16
  • 202-657-6869

    Wireless Dead Air 4 Spam Texter 1

    This person told me I qualified for grants and when I asked for more info and said is this a scam they hung up quickly

    Identified as Spam Texter by bquinonez82 at 08:14pm on 06/22/16


    Landline Scammer 2

    Online pharmacy spam

    Identified as Scammer by wbong from Newark, NJ
  • 202-750-0693

    Landline Scammer 1 Prankster 1

    It is someone from pharmaceutical industry. Asking for your personal information. Don't.

    Identified as Prankster by ochung88 from Baltimore, MD


    Wireless Scammer 2

    Fraudulent caller claiming "final notice from the IRS"

    Identified as Scammer by RandomJim from Glendale Heights, IL

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(202) 824
(202) 863
(202) 870
(202) 877
(202) 879
(202) 884
(202) 942
(202) 962
(202) 973

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